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21 Nisan 2012 Cumartesi

Oyuncakları Atmayalım(Dıy Projesi)

Pantone declared TURQUOISE as the color of 2010.  I must admit I’ve always declared my devotion to this rock solid hue!  Turquoise, the blue-ish green-ish mineral gets tumbled into stones, polished into perfect accessories, and painted all over town.  This happy hue of a rock, makes any outfit pop and standout.  My fashion friends, TORY, RALPH, & OSCAR often drip and drape collections always making it work in turq!
To make your version of the turquoise-inspired statement necklace, hit up local toy stores, 5 and Dimes, or AMAZON for Parachute Men toy soldiers. Purchase a few packs and pick out all the blue ones.  Another option is to spray paint them with a coat of turq paint, if you cant find the hue you want. Find your center point of the necklace, knot on the middle man, and continue to space equal distance on both sides, securing with knots as you go.  Double knot a turquoise ribbon on either end, and snip excess.  P.S.- Look fab, look poised… look chic in your faux turquoise!
Eski oyuncakları spreyle boyadıktan sonra mumlu ipe ya da örgü ipine takıyoruz.Tek eksiğimiz zincir ya da kumaş parçası :)Nasıl kolay nasıl orjinal :)

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  1. eheheh güzel görünüyor bu arada 600 ' ü benimle devirdin :) 601. oldum :)

    bana da beklerim tatlım